The ABPRS Sweepstakes Contest runs September 1st thru August 31st of the current year.

1. All current members in good standing shall be eligible to hold sweepstakes points with the society.

2. With the payment of $16.00 for Open [Youth is FREE] or $8.00 for Youth ONLY, and an ARBA sanction number applied for 30 days prior to the show date, the ABPRS will grant a sanction to sweepstake the Britannia Petite Rabbit.

3. Sweepstakes points shall be tabulated as follows: First Place 6, Second Place 4,
Third Place 3, Fourth Place 2, and Fifth Place 1 times the number of Britannia
Petites shown in each class. Best of Breed an additional 1 times the number shown and Best Opposite of Breed1/2 times the number shown in the breed.

4. To qualify for future sanctions, the sponsoring club must comply with the following requirements:
(a) Guarantee $5.00 for BOB and $3.00 for BOS or Trophies of equal value
      (Optional if fewer than 10 are shown in the breed over and above specials.)
(b) The show report must be returned within 30 days of the show date.
(c) The following shall be published in their show catalog.

Send Official American Britannia Petite Rabbit Society Sweepstakes Show Reports to:

Debbie Hilton, Secretary
5843 S 1050 W
Owensville, IN 47665
(317) 412-1503